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ETHIC Intelligence 4th Annual International Conference at OECD on 9 September 2019 – Jean-Daniel Lainé invited as Guest Speaker

ETHIC Intelligence organizes its fourth international conference on “Standards and Guidelines in Anti-Corruption Compliance” on Monday 9th September 2019 at the OECD Conference Center.   Panel of key Anti-Corruption Compliance industry experts includes: Nicola Bonucci, Head of Legal Affairs, OECD Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, Managing Partner, Cohen-Tanugi Avocats, and former FCPA and World Bank Independent Monitor, Paris… Read More »

SFO – Jean-Daniel Lainé a été acquitté à l’issue d’un 2ème procès à la Southwark Crown Court de Londres. Jean-Daniel Lainé was acquitted at the end of a retrial at the Southwark Crown Court in London.

On 28 November 2018, Jean-Daniel Lainé was acquitted – at the unanimity of the 12 jurors – at the Southwark Crown Court in London of a charge in a linked investigation into alleged corruption relating to a Budapest Metro rolling stock contract and consequently Alstom Network UK has also been found not-guilty. This was the… Read More »

Adopter l’Intégrité est la seule Attitude Responsable pour une Entreprise Internationale pour Survivre dans le Long Terme

Une entreprise internationale ne peut survivre sur le long terme si elle n’adopte pas une rigoureuse politique d’intégrité. La corruption est un fléau qui ravage le monde car malheureusement il se nourrit d’un vice majeur de l’humanité : un appétit insatiable pour l’argent et les avantages indus de toute nature. La corruption dans le monde se… Read More »

La Lutte contre la Corruption s’Intensifie – A Continuous Pressure to Fight Corruption : the European Union Anti-Corruption Report – February 2014

The fight against corruption is necessary to built a fair level playing field in the international trade. Beyond all the existing literature, guidelines, pressures from NGOs, hard Laws and soft Laws, provisions from the enforcement authorities, Anti-Corruption Summits, the viewpoint of the European Union International in its Anti-Corruption Report represents an important milestone. The European Commission… Read More »

A Compliance Program to Protect the Companies – Un Programme d’Ethique et de Conformité pour Protéger les Entreprises

It is essential for international companies to have a Compliance Program in order to prevent misconducts, illegal payments and more importantly corruption of civil servants. Further to the introduction of the FCPA in the seventies in the USA, some years later the OECD has issued its convention on bribery and corruption in 1997 and has mobilized many… Read More »