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Adopter l’Intégrité est la seule Attitude Responsable pour une Entreprise Internationale pour Survivre dans le Long Terme

Une entreprise internationale ne peut survivre sur le long terme si elle n’adopte pas une rigoureuse politique d’intégrité. La corruption est un fléau qui ravage le monde car malheureusement il se nourrit d’un vice majeur de l’humanité : un appétit insatiable pour l’argent et les avantages indus de toute nature. La corruption dans le monde se… Read More »

La Lutte contre la Corruption s’Intensifie – A Continuous Pressure to Fight Corruption : the European Union Anti-Corruption Report – February 2014

The fight against corruption is necessary to built a fair level playing field in the international trade. Beyond all the existing literature, guidelines, pressures from NGOs, hard Laws and soft Laws, provisions from the enforcement authorities, Anti-Corruption Summits, the viewpoint of the European Union International in its Anti-Corruption Report represents an important milestone. The European Commission… Read More »

Le Choix de la Préventigation – Choosing the Preventigation – Le standard ISO 37001

Every company working internationally and doing business which involves interaction with public or governmental officials are really exposed and fully liable in case of corruption whether directly or through intermediaries. The awareness of the potential risks and their mitigation through a robust Compliance Program is a top priority for these companies to protect themselves against… Read More »

Avoiding the Pitfalls of non-Compliance and Navigating to Safe Waters – Eviter les Ecueils de la Non-Conformité

Business Ethics is always a challenging issue  for international companies as pitfalls of non-Compliance may be encountered everywhere, everyday. A company’s reputation can be destroyed in a very short term when it comes to the discovery of a corruption act in its transactions. Corruption is everywhere in the world and can be roughly evaluated at… Read More »