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Avoiding the Pitfalls of non-Compliance and Navigating to Safe Waters – Eviter les Ecueils de la Non-Conformité

Business Ethics is always a challenging issue  for international companies as pitfalls of non-Compliance may be encountered everywhere, everyday. A company’s reputation can be destroyed in a very short term when it comes to the discovery of a corruption act in its transactions. Corruption is everywhere in the world and can be roughly evaluated at… Read More »

Résister à l’Extorsion et à la Sollicitation – Resisting to Extortion and Solicitation

Even if companies have no intention at all to bribe, their employees are sometimes facing intense solicitations during the course of businesses. To find its way to properly answer solicitations is not easy. Employees who are facing a situation of extortion or solicitation must be in a position to resist. Each time you accept a facilitation payment… Read More »

Dealing with Third Party Partners – Relation avec les Tiers

More than ever, Business Ethics is a priority for international companies which can be severely damaged if they don’t take care of this important topic. Corruption of a public servant is a crime and penalized as such. In this respect, the corruption risk exists for companies as soon as they use the services of Third Party… Read More »

How do You Manage Third Party Relationship Risks – Comment Gérer les Risques Liés aux Relations avec les Tiers

How do You Manage Third Party Relationship Risks ? Jean-Daniel Lainé, Alstom  SVP Ethics and Compliance was co-chairing the C5’s Second Forum on Managing Third Party Relationship Risks, October 23 and 24, 2012 at the Hotel Lutecia in Paris. ETHIC Intelligence has posted a note written by Jean-Daniel Lainé on the management of Third Party Relationship… Read More »